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    Matilda goes on, “One of the other things about being a naturally submissive girl is that many men want to be in charge. They are warriors at heart, and they want to be able to enjoy a woman who isn’t domineering and who knows how to treat them. Some men, who’ve been kind of kicked around all their loves, adore the chance to be with a woman who will defer to them. They love being in charge in the bedroom, and they love knowing they have someone who will do what they say because she wants to. There is so much power in looking up at a man and whispering hotly to him, ‘I’ll do anything to please you.’ A man who hears something like that will be so infatuated with the girl who says it that he’ll do anything it takes to please her after that. He’s so grateful that she treats him well that there’s nothing he won’t do in response. So there’s a kind of ironic power in being submissive. Ultimately, it puts you in control, indirectly. It gives you what you want.”