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    I’m Alanna, a new girl on tour from the famous romantic city of Novi Sad, Now just a few weeks in Belgrade.
    I love traveling and discovering new parts of the world. Each time I arrive in a new city I feel a sense of excitement and jump at the chance to explore. Although I enjoy the culture which comes with a new city, being among nature is where I find peace. On my travels, I’ve discovered that my heritage has instilled an open-minded approach to sex and relationships that people find attractive. I’m a sensual and delicate woman who loves to give attention. Although I may look innocent, I’ve got an angel and a demon face. “Black as the devil, hot as hell, pure as an angel, sweet as love”. I have had the luxury of experiences with males and females the world over. These experiences are a benefit for you, I enjoy learning ways to satisfy my lovers, you’ll notice in the way I take care of you and your desires.